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Wolverines News · Weekly AD Corner 1/22-1/28


Hard to believe we are already to the end of January.  As we approach February we have quite a few events upcoming for basketball that I want you to be aware of:

  1. January 26th-Pepsi Center Game vs. Strasburg
  2. February 3rd-White Out Night
    1. Free shirts given out at halftime of the JV game
    2. Performance at halftime by A Dance Place
  3. February 10th-Senior Night Boys Basketball
  4. February 11th-Neon Night, Duct Tape Admin
    1. Free necklaces given out at halftime of the JV boys game
    2. Performance at halftime by Claire Van Buskirk
  5. February 14th-Senior Night Girls Basketball

If you have the opportunity to stop in for a game we would love to have you.

Video of the Week:

A few weeks ago our basketball teams played host to Estes Park High School and what transpired during the C game was a moment that will not easily be forgotten.  With less than a minute left in the game Estes Park subbed in a player with special needs for a very special moment.  Almost two weeks from the day I still get emotional watching the video of that special moment and what it meant for that student athlete but the character demonstrated by our own team.  In that 50 seconds of a basketball game there was no arguing calls, there was no Estes Park vs. Frontier Academy, there was no heated competition but rather a gym of fans all cheering for this one student.  In that time our kids probably learned more about compassion and how privileged they are, then the 31 minutes of basketball that preceded it.  I think as fans it put the game into perspective on what are we really hoping to teach kids through sports and does the scoreboard really matter in the grand scheme of things?  My hope is everyone watches and shares the video as a demonstration of the exemplary character our kids showed and the beauty of the moment.

Video compliments of Aaron Carmichael

Article of the Week:

It’s been awhile since I have wrote an article so I have tons to share.   I encourage you all to read this article from Jon Gordon on “Championship Lessons.”  A lot of the article is tied to Dabo Swinney and Clemson University Football team winning the national championship earlier in January.  The article talks about the process it took to get there and the investment Dabo put into his program, his athletes, his coaching staff even through triumphs and adversity.  The point that stood out to me was at a victory celebration after winning the national championship he stated, “Trophies will not define us ever.  We will be defined by our culture and how we invest in our young men at Clemson and by the way we teach them to love, serve, and care.”

That is a statement to invest in but in this scenario it’s not  “young men” but it is young men and women and it’s not “Clemson” but it is Frontier Academy.  If there is one person who wants to see wins more than anyone at Frontier Academy it is me, but that will always come secondary to the life lessons I hope as coaches we teach about character, leadership, and integrity to our student athletes.

Sideline Store:

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Thanks for reading.  Go Wolverines!